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Balloon Screen Printing Machine



CALCA One Color Balloon Complete Set of screen printing equipment

This set of equipment is equipped with all the machines required for Silk Screen Printing monochrome balloon, including a silk Screen Printing Machine, balloon limit table, air pump, and six-layer balloon drying rack, free of no glue self-stretching frame, balloon, balloon sealing clamp, scraper, mesh and other materials and tools. Only need to buy balloon ink (or rubber ink) users can print small batches of customized balloons.


This set of equipment includes:

1. One balloon machine
2. One balloon limit station
3. One balloon air pump ( 220 and 110V)
4. One balloon drying rack
5. 100 pcs mixed-color balloons
6. Balloon clamps, sealing clamps, V type and H type 50 pieces each
7. 6 pieces plastic chains
8. paste shelf hooks 12 (2 bags)
9. 50 pcs balloons clips
10.14 cm wooden handle squeegee
11.One 006071 A type 2330 small no glue


Balloon Screen Printing Machine
Printing balloons must use special balloon ink or rubber ink, the ink has good ductility, the printed design when inflating will not crack after deflating ink, ink, when re-inflating, still can restore the original complete pattern, specific use method please consult the ink dealer.

Operation process:
1.Install the screen plate on the machine
2.Use air pump to blow the balloon to a certain degree, and then place it on the balloon platform of the screen printing machine.Place the balloon in the middle of press plate, put down the screen plate, and check whether the printed pattern is fully attached to the balloon; Balloon expansion is too large or too small,the balloon can be properly deflated or inflated, or adjust the height of the chuck to achieve the most appropriate printing standards.
Balloon Screen Printing Machine
3.Take out the balloon with appropriate air pressure and place it on the limit platform. Adjust the baffles on both sides of the limit platform.
Make both sides of the limit board stick on the balloon edge, fixed limit board, print after the balloon inflation with limit board as the standard.
Balloon Screen Printing Machine
4.Start printing, inflate the balloon and seal the air outlet with balloon clip;
5.Place on the screen printing table, press the pressure plates on both sides of the balloon.
Balloon Screen Printing Machine
6.Print, lift the screen plate, open the pressure plate, take out the balloon, and place it on the balloon drying rac.
Balloon Screen Printing Machine
1.Screen frame chuck can be adjusted up and down 6.9″/176 mm; Just loosen 4 handles on the back, move up and down the strip hole, and tighten the handle after moving to the appropriate position.
2.Chuck balance support handle is located at the back of the middle,it can adjust the chuck and frame parallel, down or up.
3.The balloon placement platform can move forward and backward as required.
4.Both sides of explosion-proof safety baffles can move up and down, forward and backward. Protect your safety when the balloon may burst.
5. The pressure ball board on the upper part of the explosion-proof board can be flipped and moved around.
Balloon Screen Printing Machine
6.Screen frame handle can be installed on the side and upper part.
Balloon Screen Printing Machine
7.The baffles on both sides of the balloon limit table and the blowhole upright plate can move around according to the size of the balloon.
Balloon Screen Printing Machine
8.All parts that may come into contact with the balloon shall be installed with protective rubber strips to ensure that there is no sharp object in contact with the balloon during the whole printing process.
Balloon Screen Printing Machine
9. Special balloon air drying rack can expand 17″/440 mm up and down. When not in use, it can be folded and placed directly without taking up space.
Balloon Screen Printing Machine
This set equipment is very suitable for wedding companies, wedding gift shop, advertising production shop, flower gift shop, business etiquette companies, hotels and other businesses specializing in personalized custom use.
For the activity of the individual or unit such as wedding, birthday, opening,theme or blessing language, design is printed on adornment balloon, this can show the class of the activity to the utmost and savour, a lot of people still regard such adornment balloon as souvenir to collect, small batch of the personalized printing demand is very broad.
Balloon Screen Printing MachineBalloon Screen Printing Machine


Product Name Manual Balloon Screen Printing Machine Kit for Balloon DIY Printer
HS code 8443192290
Product Color Blue
Machine using material Steel plate/Aluminum profile
Machine surface treatment Electrostatic spraying
Accessory material Stainless steel
Printing color One color
Application Printing on Balloons
Printing rate 500p / hr
Balloon tray diameter 9.8″/25cm
Max Frame size(OD) 12.4″x17″/31.5 x 43.5cm
Packing quantity 1
Net weight 44 lb /20kg
Gross weight 47 lb /22kg
Packing size 26 x 22 x 11 inch /67 x55 x27 cm
Packing volume 0.1 m³
Packing material Carton



Cold Press

Model Number





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