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Screen Printing Kit With Aluminum Frame + Hinge Clamp + Emulsion Scoop Coater + Squeegee



Type:Screen Printing Kit

Material:Aluminum(Frame),Polyester Fiber(Mesh),Steel(Hinge Clamps),Aluminum Alloy(Emulsion Coater ),Wood,Polyurethane(Squeegee)

Frame Size:approx.30*20cm

Mesh Size: 43T/80T/100T/120T/140T/150T/165T

Squeegee Size:approx.13*11.2cm

Emulsion Coater Size:approx.11*3.5cm

Hinge Clamp Size:approx.5.8*5*9cm

Quantity:2/3/4Pcs FOR Set

Weight:about 310/400/600g


Refer the detailed size to the picture.

Package Included:

1X Screen Printing Frame

1X Squeegee

(1X Emulsion Scoop Coater)

(1X Screen Printing Clamps)


(1) It is not restricted by the size and shape substrates General printing.

(2) The layout of soft seal pressure is small Silk screen is soft and elastic.

(3) The ink layer covering power Pure white printing can be made on all black paper, stereo sense is strong.

(4) It is suitable for various kinds of printing ink

(5) The rotation resistance is strong Can make the gloss of printed matter is constant.(air temperature and sunlight are not affected). This makes printing some stickers, no additional laminating process, etc.

(6) Flexible printing way

(7) Process is convenient, easy to master

(8) Adhesion

(9) Can be pure manual screen printing, can also be machine printed

(10) It is suitable for show, for a long time in outdoor advertising expressive

Printing onto clothing (especially for T-shirts), woven fabric, metal, paper, copybook, plastic, circuit board, wood, glass, ceramic tile, leather and other plain printing substrates. This makes it especially suitable for small businesses as well as individual printing shops.


Check the screen

Seal the board

Install the board

Debug bit alignment

The deployment of ink

The first piece of printing

First sample confirmation

Batch printing


Hand Tool Parts




Aluminium-copper Alloy

Mesh size



Silk screen printing


Printed Circuit Boards


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